Bugando 2010

AdenileI am Adeodatus Richard Haule  from Songea Ruvuma. I Completed form six 1993,then I went JKT in 1994 to 1997. I attended diploma course in medicine,2001 to 2003 I was taking advanced diploma in medicine. I stayed five years up to 2008 when I join undergraduate at Bugando. I married with three children. My ambition to study medicine was to care for the sick and make my community healthy . I felt good when I got it [Team Tanzania Scholar Award], especially when I discovered there people who are thinking about us. The award was very helpful to me it was able to cover part of the fees. The current selection is good [but] it will be also good if you can expand to include the second best in a year. Two challenges are High cost sharing as compared to earnings of many Tanzanian population and big burden of loan after finishing the fifth year. After medical school, I want to practice as a medical doctor.

May I convey my gratitude to all who initiated the award which is very beneficial to us. Thank very much who have been touched with our need and have a spirit to give. May God be with you.

maria kipeleI come from Mbeya region, and I come from a single parent family of five children, and am the fifth one. I decided to study medicine because I was born with a congenital problem of lip palate and my mother couldn’t afford the proper surgeons so the operation didn’t go well so I want to be a surgeon and be there for the kids who can’t afford to go outside the country to solve the problems like I had.

I always thank GOD for this award because I can’t tell u what could have happen without this, this is a savior to me, it helped me because my mother couldn’t afford to pay my school fees, for me who ever give this money should know that helped me so much and my family. I think the system we have now is fair enough because it help us to study hard and at the same time to get help for our school fees.

Two challenges are now the number of students is increasing but the facilities are the same and some classes are not connected to the generators and now we are having a problem of electricity in Tanzania so when electricity is off then the classes are off.

After I graduate I want to become the best doctor I can be but I want to go straight to masters after intern if GOD will help me.

sharifa shabanI’m Sharifa Shaaban, a 5th year medical student at Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences- Bugando. I come from Tabora region, western zone in Tanzania. I decided to study medicine because I wanted to rescue the lives of the sick people, especially those living in remote areas like my homeland. Actually this happened after one of my sisters died because of the postpartum hemorrhage due to retained placenta at the center where there was no medical doctor who could rescue her life.

The award helped me to cover the debts of college fee which I was not able to pay on my own contribution. For the moment the selection method is good but presentation of the team award is not fair. It would be better if the student is asked that he/ she wants the award to be presented directly to the college or not. This is because some of the students would wish to use it for other purposes e.g. buying a laptop or other materials.

Two challenges;

a) Access to software materials when I had no laptop of my own. This is because the teaching system of the college and of course the globalization per se needs one to have a computer in order to enjoy the education system.

b) Payments of college fees. The college fee rises in almost every year, there is no constant fee (for the particular academic year) which is payable to the college and this makes student’s life very difficult. After my graduation, I wish to go back to my homeland to work for my people at least for one year or two before I go for further studies in which I plan to specialize in Obstetrics and Gynaecology when the opportunity (financially) occurs.

First, I would like to thank all those who initiated and those who made efforts to make sure Maendeleo group functions as it was planned. It has been so helpful to us especially when it comes to the payments of own contributions to the college. Secondly, I thank all those who donated for the Maendeleo because they not only help us to fulfill our dreams but also has helped to raise the academic competition among the students. Thank you very much, may God bless you all!!