Bugando 2014

To: Maendeleo- Team


Elda KyandoRefer to the heading above. I am a 27 years old female Tanzanian from Njombe, a second born out of four children, from a peasant family. I chose to study medicine, as I have been hurt seeing sick people lacking help from professionals as our country has few doctors. At the same time I like helping my family during the course of my practice as a doctor.

The “Team Tanzania Scholar Award”, was a surprise to me and I was so very happy and grateful though I got the news late so I couldn’t make it at time to receive the award during the convocation ceremony. This award has been a big help to me as my family couldn’t afford to buy medical equipment for my internship practice, which now I can. This will improve my internship practice and make me a good doctor.
Challenges I have faced while studying at Bugando is poor availability of resources for studying like classes, chairs, books as the number of students outweigh the available resources. Another challenge is poor quality equipment delivered to students for practice during their clinical years.

After graduating my medical school I have joined the St. Francis Referral Hospital as an intern doctor and I wish to continue with studies after finishing my internship if I get sponsorship.

I would like to present my sincere gratitude to the people who donated to Maendeleo and thus made the team scholar award possible.

Hamada ShabanI am an MD 3 student at catholic university of health and allied sciences. I was born 25 years ago in Lindi region in southern Tanzania but currently am l living at Kahama district in Shinyanga region northern part of Tanzania. I started my primary education in 1998 and I then joined Umoja secondary for my ordinary level studies and I completed my advanced level 4 years 2go at Mzumbe high school and joined CUHAS for my university studies.

Scarcity of medical doctors and subsequent increased need for health care services from the population is the reason I decided to come and study medicine. Honestly I was happy the day I got “TEAM TANZANIA SCHOLAR AWARD”, It was a new experience to me and apart from raising my morale it encouraged me to do my level best in all my studies and life as whole. At my family level school fees and buying books are the main challenges therefore the award will boast me at significant level.
For me, the way of selecting and presentation of TEAM TANZANIA SCHOLAR AWARD is perfect. Progressive increment of school fees and lack of enough in-cam pus hostels are the two major challenges at Bugando. Practice medicine end save people’s lives and if I will get a chance my dream is to be a physician.

Finally, I would like to thank you very much for the award. I have really appreciated it. Than k you.

Deus MseleMy name is Deusdedith James Mselle. I come from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We reside close to the national hospital of Muhimbili. It’s one of the many reasons I’m studying medicine since I could see the variety of patients with various problems firsthand. My family is one of my motivators to study medicine.

When I received the Team Tanzania Scholar Award) I was filled with overwhelming joy and happiness. It once again, relighted my hopes on a greater future through persistence and hard work. I have the intent of using this award money to buy clinical based textbooks, considering the fact that we are about to start our junior rotation next semester. It will also enable me to pay off various fees such as accommodation fees and bill.

I believe the selection of this award basing on GPA of the student is still efficient but more emphasis should also be kept on the oral examinations done at the end of the semester because these may be a suitable measure of the student’s confidence in various courses and in front of an audience.

Challenges I am facing currently and have faced in the past in my studies here at Bugando are numerous and difficult to write them all. The main challenge is the load of information we have to understand in a short period of time. But after studying the theory part of the clinical area to my surprise most of that bulk of data is still circulating in my mind. Thank God!

The availability of recommended textbooks to all students free of charge is still an issue here, not that the books aren’t available but we just have to borrow them at a fee.
After graduation, l am still hopeful that I will get to accomplish my goals of helping my patients in any way possible. l want to practice what I have learnt for 2-3 years then ret urn back for my mas1ers hopefully of internal medicine or general surgery. After acquiring my masters, I will strive harder to get a sub specialty degree in pediatrics.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all those who contributed to this award of Team Tanzania Scholar Award. It has helped me tremendously and I request all in one way or another to please continue contributing to this award so it can help others as well.

Sumaya SaudinMy name is Sumayyah Saudin, a resident of Mwanza, Tanzania born on 23rd March 1996. I am Tanzanian by nationality. My schooling from nursery to Advanced level has been in Mwanza, having completed my A-levels (GCE-Advanced level) in the June 2013, in Advanced Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics with Statistics. In October 2013, I then joined the MD program here at Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences (CUHAS).

My decision to do medicine followed my deep interest in Sciences during my Ordinary level studies. Having seen close family members, my grandmother suffering from a chronic disease for over 8 years that was not diagnosed, and was the reason for her death in 2007, strengthened it. Moreover I have had three family members who have suffered from cancer; one of them is still battling breast cancer that metastasised to the vertebral column. There is lack of qualified medical personnel and advanced technology in our setting in developed countries. It is privilege if I am able to be part of the team aimed towards improving provision of health services particularly in Tanzania.

I was overwhelmed when I received the “Team Tanzania Scholarship Award.” It was a euphoric moment. The award has encouraged and motivated me to keep up the effort and spirit, improve where I have gone wrong, and find ways to cope with the few challenges I face. The prize money will help cover cost of books, and transport to and from the campus.

I believe the selection of the award is fair since it is based on merits of a student. Increasing the number of awards per year course in a year group, and presenting the award in front of all the students may help encourage and motivate them in striving for better.

The leap from secondary and high school to tertiary education was a major cultural and emotional shock. Adjusting to a new environment and people was not easy as it initially appeared. I faced major challenges in managing my time, and balancing between the new professional environment and social life. Being an off campus student, commuting to and from the campus on a daily basis with no fixed timings was difficult and very time consuming.
After graduation and internship, I would like to pursue a post-graduate possibly in Oncology before I start practicing.

I am grateful to all who donated to Maendeleo and made this award possible. It is a very motivating reward for all students. The prize money will help cover many major and minor expenses I incur during my time at CUHAS, mainly the cost of books. The effort put by Maendeleo is commendable.