KCMCollege 2014

It was the 14th of November 2014 an awarding ceremony. It was my first time to attend the ceremony and was the day I was awarded team Tanzania award for the best student in year 3 and made me glad that I was chosen to be student in KCMUCo at first place. It was an honor and a privilege to receive the award and more amazing ling in front of my senior and mentors who gave me hope and motivation that one day I will graduate and start a journey as a doctor

The teams Tanzania award are inspiring. They motivate the student to study harder and strive to be the best. The acknowledgment of best students in the medical program by giving the award makes students to aspire more in life and make the to be the best at what they do

I would love to thank the donor the MAENDELEO program for the large handsome money that they gave to me and the other student as recognition to our performance you motivate me to aspire for more. I also thank my mentors and senior for inspiring me to do my best. And mostly I thank Almighty God for his guidance protection and wisdom so as to witness that day which was a day to remember as one of my hallmarks for the road towards achieving my goals

Thank you very much for making me be a part of this wonderful experience

I am writing to thank you for kind donation of the TEAM TANZANIA SCHOLAR AWARD which I received as MD2 overall best performer in 2014. I was very excited to receive the award, I a m a third year medicine student, the award encouraged me that I should work more harder to become the best’ doctor in the future.

I was able to buy a new laptop as well as two study books, each time I open my new laptop and books I remember that your able to acknowledge my efforts . In the future I hope these awards may be offered to students other than medical students may be able to receive these awards too so that they may be motivated to move towards their vision.

Your donation makes a difference in our minds as it shows that diligence for medicine students is crucial since were dealing with treating humans who most valuable to men as well GOD.

Hi! I am  from Bariadi district, Simiyu region in Tanzania. I am the last born and the only boy at our family. I was brought about by only my mother because my father left home when I was about 10 years. Until now my mother is the one responsible for all my school needs though she is very old about 70. I attended my secondary education at Giriku sec. school and advanced level education at Tabora boys secondary school.
To me medicine is like tea and sugar. I happened to love biological science since I was in primary school. Most important is my ambition to help people and to see them enjoying their life after being cured; since my father was a tradition practitioner cured people returned to him with joy and a lot of thanks. So in my secondary school I got to know that God is pleased much to see people living healthily this encouraged me much because I believe in God. Indeed a lot of things made me to decide to take medicine.

It was really a joyfully moment and historical to me to get that award. I thought myself twice what does this mean to me and others, and I got a very strong answer. It is to make us really value our field to be competent to the great work of serving people’s lives to come. This award had helped not only me but also my parents and my colleagues in different ways. To me has improved my studying conditions like buying medical books, and equally important I am able to top up my fee without help from my mum.

To improve presentation of the award it is meaningfully to have a representative of Team Tanzania School Award at college level and a massive understanding should be given to all students, and he/she will oversee the selection of the awardees closely.

Challenges I faced while studying medicine are; first lack of enough money for books and online access materials which are important in strengthening and broadening medical knowledge. Another challenge is lack of enough directives and information about what is really required in medicine. After graduating from medical school I put my theoretical knowledge into practice while looking for further studying to improve my professional.

Sincerely this is what I can say to the donors to Maendeleo, you are absolutely doing a great job and is a big lesson to me and others to the sacrifice you have done for the best of others. Continue with this heart and be blessed forever. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

“Twice is better than once”.

This is the second time I am receiving the award, the first is when I was in third year of medical school, when the award was initiated at KCMUCo . It is a whole new experience to receive this award for my final year, it feels like a reward for the hardwork that I had to put in this year.

Being a great doctor was my childhood dream, It’s my hope that this award translates not only my academic excellence but also worthy care that I give to my patients.

I remember clearly my first day of med school..

Riing! Riing! Riing (alarm sound) terrible sound of an alarm, not mine of course; I look at my watch and it’s 4:30pm in the morning .One of my roommate, a senior medical student was waking up to study and preparing for the morning rounds. Yes it was the first day of Medical school as I told myself, “I am finally here”. I felt so lazy coming from a six months high school holiday and studying mode hadn’t really kicked in. My fellow freshman Daniel Otieno and I woke up at 6am very excited to embark in a journey of five years through med school, in which destination was obvious but the path was obsolete.

It’s 7 :45 am and we are already in the classroom for our first lecture. Gazing around a class of 120 students, everyone seemed excited and they looked as though they knew what they were doing unlike me, Suddenly the class was quite in response to entrance of a big man in stature; he had put on white short sleeved shirt with a tie and had fairly huge spectacles. After greetings he introduced himself as Dr.
Alfred K. Mteta, Dean of Faculty of Medicine. He had an attendance sheet to see if we were all there; after that he asked a question to everyone in the class, “What are you? We tried to answer but he was not impressed by the answers, I can probably answer him now.

Final year of med school at KCMUCo is what most students would describe as “A hard nut to crack “, nevertheless we pull through the worm hole, congratulations MDs’ class of 2015. For this I dedicate my success to my family especially my mom and dad who always pray for me, my friends for always being there when ever I needed them, my church for being my rock and stand for me in prayers, Delta force (clinical rotation group) for making my life a living hell am proud of you all, my group discussion n members Mwajabu, Baraka and Elirehema lastly but not least my soul friends Angela and Suzan.