Kairuki 2015

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LailatMy name is Lailat Fum Fadhil. I was born at Mnazi mmoja hospital (in Zanzibar Island). I am the last born of eight children. I live with my one parent (mother) and my sibling. I have attended various schools in Zanzibar before joining Hubert Kairuki Memorial University.

I had a dream of becoming a doctor since I was in standard six. After I completed my advance education (2012), I was very happy to be selected to join medical school at Hubert Kairuki Memorial University. My aspiration to become a competent and good doctor.

I felt really awesome and amazing to have been chosen for this award, I couldn’t have been happier or more humbled. My family and my friends were very happy with the news of me being best student and receiving award.

I tried my level best to study hard in MD1 but unfortunately I got supplementary in communication skills. Thanks to God that I cleared my supplementary and I was able to continue to MD2 and MD3, whereby in MD3 I studied very hard too and thanks to God that my credits were good enough that i became a best student.

The maendeleo Team Tanzania Scholar Award is a great motivation for many students especially those who have great passion for their future and keen on building themselves a good academic profile.

Finally , I would like to extend my thanks to the organizers of these awards for I owe you a huge debt of gratitude for this and many more that you have done for your Nation. This award is a sign for your heart and generosity and qualities and I could not be any more thankful for that.The mere receiving hand of this award , loaded with so much happiness and gratitude has been a motivation enough for me to work harder inorder to be on the giving end .This is because I know, for a fact it is more satisfying and breath taking to see the fruits of your own hard work, manifest into life full smiles of the youth of your own brotherhood and great nation of Tanzania. May the Lord Almighty bless you all with abundance especially knowledge that will benefit you and lives that will give you self satisfaction.

mahafoudhMy name is Aisha Mahfoudh Haji. I was born in Zanzibar, Tanzania. I am the 6th born in a family of 7 children, 6 girls and 1 boy. My father passed away when in 2004, so I live with my mother. I studied at S.O.S Hermann Gmeiner from Kindergarten to Ordinary level form 3, when I got a chance to study in Iowa at Davenport Central High School in the year 2009-2010 as an exchange student. It was a great experience, visiting a very developed continent. I finished my ordinary level at S.O.S Hermann Gmeiner School- Zanzibar and Advanced level too.

Studying to be an MD was in my mind since I was in Ordinary level, but then I used to say, “I want to be a doctor”, the “MD” word was not in my vocabulary.

I am the first one in my family to take medicine; others majored in engineering and arts. So everybody’s eye is on me. They keep calling me “our future doctor” which gives me a little bit of motivation so that I won’t break their hearts. I have been thinking of helping my family and society and even becoming a doctor without borders.

I followed my heart and proceeded to achieve my dream at the Hubert Kairuki Memorial University as my first choice. It has been quiet a journey to be where I am today.

My first year was a new experience for me. I had so many things in my mind about universities, some were true, some were not but I did cope well with the environment. It was one busy year, coping with environment, study, be independent. A lot of things but that didn’t take my mind off doing my best in class. I would say the exposure I got when I was an exchange student in a “huge” high school I have ever been and very new faces helped a lot.

Second year was a bit hard. It was not the “basics” anymore; it was the start of real medicine, studying pathology, pharmacology, and microbiology. I am glad I got done with second year successfully.

Being called my name as the 2014-2015 Maendeleo Award – best student was a lot to take in. I do that all the time “taken by surprise”. It was a great feeling to have been chosen for this award. It is like a dream came true. This award motivated me so much. My mother and siblings are so proud of me. This is an opportunity that I can actually live with and share it with others so that they get motivated.

The Maendeleo Team Tanzania Scholar Award is a great way of motivating students in medical universities. I personally am motivated. I am very thankful for the award.
I know there are many great chances or opportunities in life that I can achieve by working hard; this award just boosted my mind to work harder and smarter. As a Tanzanian medical student, again, I am thankful for the Maendeleo Team Tanzania Scholar Award for giving us this award as fellow this Tanzanians.

CALEB MASELE 2015My name is Caleb Z. Masele, a second year student at Hubert Kairuki Memorial University pursuing my first degree in Bachelor of Medicine, MD. To me taking my direction into medical studies is a call that I respect and always work hard to fulfil. I chose to study medicine, as I have been hurt seeing sick people lacking help from professionals as our country has few doctors.

Honestly I was filled with joy the day I got the news I was the best student for the previous academic year, MD1. And on receiving the Team Tanzania Scholar Award (though lately as I was not present at the specific day the awards were presented) it once again, relighted my hopes on a greater future through persistence and hard work. It encouraged me to do my level best in all my studies and life as whole.
For me, the way of selecting and presentation of TEAM TANZANIA SCHOLAR AWARD is perfect. There are some challenges that students in the medical field face such as availability of recommended textbooks to all students free of charge is still an issue here, not that the books aren’t available but we just have to borrow them at a fee. Therefore the award will boast me at significant level.

I would like to present my sincere gratitude to the people who donated to Maendeleo and thus made the Team Tanzania Scholar Award possible. It has helped me tremendously and I request all in one way or another to please continue contributing to this award so it can help others as well.